Woven and Knitted Elastic and Rigid Webbing for the Medical Sector

H. Seal & Co. Ltd are a recognised leading manufacturer of elastic and rigid webs, woven or knitted fabrics suitable for the medical and orthopaedic sectors. With access to a wide range of yarns, including moisture wicking/heat retaining properties. We manufacture fabrics including knitted loop and breathable elastics. You can get advice on the best material and manufacturing techniques suited to your specific needs.


UK manufactured Narrow woven and knitted, elastic and rigid webbing for medical applications

Ankle and wrist restraints

Artificial limbs

Heavy suspender elastic

Knee and elbow supports

Lumbar belts

Surgical belts

Thermal support garments


Silicone Gripper Elastics

Anti MRSA Finishes

All products can be produced in customer's own colours.